Online UPS



Capacity   1000VA 20Q0VA 3000VA 5000VA
Input Voltage Frequency Power Factor Termination 160V to 295V/300 vAC 40 to 60 Hz (Software adjustable) 0.99 to unity Single Phase, two wire with earth
Output Voltage Regulation Frequency Stability
Waveform distortion Crest Factor Overload Capacity Efficiency
230V ± 1%
50Hz + 0.5% in free running mode
Pure sine wave, <3% at full load (non linear load) <2% (linear load)
3 : 1
125% for 25 seconds > 90%
Battery DC BUS Charger Type Transfer Time 36V 96V 96V 240V
Built solid state float-cum-boost charger with automatic boost/ trickle charge modes with current limit feature.
0 ms
Multi function LED display/ LCD display
UPS Status, Battery Level, Load Level, Line on, Inverter. By pass. Battery
Input and Output voltage, Input and Output frequency, Load %, Battery % for 1,2.3 and 5 KVA
Bypass   Synchronized static by pass
Audible Alarm AC failure Battery low UPS fault Every 4 seconds
Every seconds when approaches to low level Continuous alarm
Protection General
Electronic protection for output overload, short circuit, Over temp, Battery low, over charge.
EN50091, EN50091-2, EN 61000-4/-2/-3/-4/-5
  Cold Start facility Available
DB9 connector or RS232 port SNMP Software Support Windows 95/98/2000/NT/X P/Novel and Linux Power management SNMP management & web browser
  Temperature Humidity Audible Noise

0-40 C
0-90% at non condensing <45dB at 1m

Our Products

  • AMON solar charger along with our inverter will have first priority solar charging. i.e., when it Is charging from solar, it will not charge from the mains.

    Hybrid Solar Inverter
  • AMON solar chargers are available in PWM or MPPT various ranges 12 V to 120 V and 20A to 60A which is compatible with AMON inverter design and can be used with other inverter designs as well.

    Solar Charge Controller-PWM/MPPT
  • Superior quality plates manufacture form own plants. Technically designed battery grids. Produced on automatic grid casting machines .

    Solar Battery
  • Perfect luminance and brightness levels for roadways .Constant current drive, low current fluctuation.Efficient light distribution.

    Solar Street Light
  • Whether you are a company interested in a captive solar power plant for your needs or a power producer looking to scale up solar power in your portfolio, We can design a fully integrated and customized solar power plant project for you.

    Solar Powerplant