Hybrid Solar Inverter / PWM / MPPT

Working of AMON solar chargers along with AMON Sine wave Inverter

AMON solar charger along with our inverter will have first priority solar charging. i.e., when it Is charging from solar, it will not charge from the mains. Also, when it is charging from solar and battery Is nearly full charged (for AMON Inverter this voltage is settable in menu), the inverter will start Working by disconnecting the mains bypass. So the solar power will go to the load through inverter and Also charge the battery (online function) if the solar current is more than the inverter current. If solar current is less than the inverter current, inverter will take the balance current from the battery.When the battery reaches the reserve charge (in AMON Inverter this value is settable), inverter will stop And mains will bypass, and the battery will be charged by solar. During nights, if the battery is not Charged from the solar, battery will charge from the mains but only to a certain percent (in AMON Inverter this value is settable) so the next day the battery can be charged from solar. If the battery is Fully charged using mains the previous night then the solar energy during the next day will be wasted.This way the first priority is always given to solar.


  • D.S.P. (Digital Signal Processor) based design.
  • Pure sine wave output resulting in silent operation of motor and fans safe to all kind of loads.
  • Computer compatibility.
  • S.M.P.S Charging up to 120V AC Input.
  • Inverter / UPS Selection Switch.
  • Solar Charging Control Switch.
  • Mains Charging Control Switch - No tension for night charging.
  • Auto Switchover between Solar and Mains.
  • Simultaneous Charging throgh mains as well as solar panel.
  • PWM / MPPT Solar Charge controller..
  • Solar display for panel voltage, panel current, battery voltage and total generater solar energy in Kwh.
  • Inverter display for mains ON, Mains Volt, Charging ON / OFF, Charging current, battery Volt, inverter / UPS ON/OFF, output volt, output load etc.,
  • Protections against over load, short circuit, battery deep / over charging, Mains over volt (upto 440V), phase input & output reverse, phase & neutral reverse, heavy load in all these error conditions will be shown in the LCD display.

Technical Specifications

1.Rating : 800VA to 5 KVA.

2.Mains input : Computer mode : 180V to 250V Normal mode : 90V to 280V.

3.Battery volt 12 V to 72 V DC.

4.Input frequency : 45 to 55 Hz .

5.Output Frequency : 50Hz.

6.Output Voltage 230V +/-3%.

7.Inverter efficiency : 90%.

8.Wave form : pure sine wave .

9.Charging Technology : SMPS Type for Mains PWM / MPPT for Solar .

10.Over Load Capacity : 100% above the rated capacity.

11.Charging Current : Settable up to 15Ve.

12. Charger working range : 120 to 280 V AC mains input


Technical Specifications:



4 KVA to 15k VA


96 V to 360 V DC


Solar priority / Grid priority Configurable as per site requirements


Solar controller

Multi-phase interleaved high frequency converter with active maximum power tracking

Switching device


Switching frequency

60 KHz

Solar input voltage range

320 V-1200 V DC

Maximum solar panel current

= 60A

= 100A optional

Maximum battery charging current

25 A

5 A - 60A selecta ble. = 100 A optional


Input low voltage

130 V

80 V- 180 V selectable

Input high voltage

265 V

250 V - 280 V selectable

Input frequency range

47 Hz-58 Hz

Output voltage

Same as input voltage and frequency

Maximum battery charging current


4 A - 12A selectable

Short circuit / Overload

Input circuit breaker



IGBT Inverter with transformer isolation

Switching frequency

20 KHz

Output voltage

220V ± 5 %

200 V - 240 V selectable

Output frequency

50.1Hz ±1%

Crystal controlled

Output PF

0.8 PF


5 % on linear load

Peak Efficiency



120 % for 10 sec, 150 % for 4 sec, 200% for 2 sec. Shutdown after the specified delay

Overload warning

85 % load

70%-100% selectable

Short circuit

Shut down

Auto restart

3 times for battery low, Smart auto -restart for overload


Overload, Short circuit, Battery overcharge, B attery deep discharge, Over temperature




Forced air cooling with over tempe rature trip


Buzzer during Overload warning, Battery low warning and Trip


Mains status, Inverter status, Battery charger and fault



Input volt, Output volt, Battery volt, Load percentage, Battery charging current, Solar panel voltage. Solar panel current, Total generated solar energy in KWh

General messages

Inverter status

Warning messages

Overload, battery low

Trip massages

Overload, battery low, Over temperature. Critical hardware failure


Ambient temperature

0°C ~ 40°C

Ambient humidity

10 % ~ 90 % (Non condensed)

Mechanical dimension


Our Products

  • AMON solar charger along with our inverter will have first priority solar charging. i.e., when it Is charging from solar, it will not charge from the mains.

    Hybrid Solar Inverter
  • AMON solar chargers are available in PWM or MPPT various ranges 12 V to 120 V and 20A to 60A which is compatible with AMON inverter design and can be used with other inverter designs as well.

    Solar Charge Controller-PWM/MPPT
  • Superior quality plates manufacture form own plants. Technically designed battery grids. Produced on automatic grid casting machines .

    Solar Battery
  • Perfect luminance and brightness levels for roadways .Constant current drive, low current fluctuation.Efficient light distribution.

    Solar Street Light
  • Whether you are a company interested in a captive solar power plant for your needs or a power producer looking to scale up solar power in your portfolio, We can design a fully integrated and customized solar power plant project for you.

    Solar Powerplant