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Amon Power Controls, Manufacturers of inverter, Line Interactive UPS, Online UPS, Stabilizers and Customized Power Electronic products. Our products enhance quality reliability and performance of valuable equipments.

Amon R&D wing has the most dedicated and innovated team of engineers who constantly come with never and better energy saving products. Amon makes its products and services available at the most affordable and competitive price. Our future has a world-class level.


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This UPS is having a ZERO POWER SLEEP which means during the period of an off/trip condition of the UPS.

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Amon Power Controls has been in the business of Power Conditioning Equipment viz. Uninterrupted Power System, inverters etc.,

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Mobile : 98424-62286, 94439-11377
Email : sales@amonups.com

Our Products

  • AMON solar charger along with our inverter will have first priority solar charging. i.e., when it Is charging from solar, it will not charge from the mains.

    Hybrid Solar Inverter
  • AMON solar chargers are available in PWM or MPPT various ranges 12 V to 120 V and 20A to 60A which is compatible with AMON inverter design and can be used with other inverter designs as well.

    Solar Charge Controller-PWM/MPPT
  • Superior quality plates manufacture form own plants. Technically designed battery grids. Produced on automatic grid casting machines .

    Solar Battery
  • Perfect luminance and brightness levels for roadways .Constant current drive, low current fluctuation.Efficient light distribution.

    Solar Street Light
  • Whether you are a company interested in a captive solar power plant for your needs or a power producer looking to scale up solar power in your portfolio, We can design a fully integrated and customized solar power plant project for you.

    Solar Powerplant

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Mfrs : Inverters, UPS & Servo

No 212, Sathyamoorthy Road,
Ramnagar,Coimbatore - 641 009.

Phone : +91 422 4378255, 2230524
Mobile : 98424-62286, 94439-11377

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